Tribe roleplay

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"Well hello there! My name is Wolf That Sleeps In Winter, but you can call me wolf, just put the knife down, im not going to harm you, but I can make you a deal. If you need a home, you can come into the tribe life, live in my tribe, the wolf tribe, there you will hunt and fight to defend it and make it"

Only 1 high rank per person, also you may create your own tribe, but must make it on your own in a basis of 3 days, only four tribes allowed, I have one so only 3 spots left!

The sign up sheets are now up in general in the forums!

Also, Wolf tribe is in need of a follower(deputy)

(also, name your tribe after an animal, no clock tribe, car tribe, leaf tribe, ect!)

SIeason: It is currently No Rain (Summer)


No Sun(Spring)

No Rain(Summer)

Dying Leaves(Fall)

No Kill(Winter)

Weather: Climate is starting to rise with a clear sky calls for a wonderful day.